Saturday, 5 January 2008

An introduction

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for some time, but being a terrible vacillating procrastinator, I’ve only now decided to make the plunge.

The thing that has pushed me to do it now has been my recent fascination with what the media is calling the “New Atheism” but which, for reasons outlined in an entry I’ll post soon, I prefer to call the "New Anti-Dogmatism". I’ve been posting about this stuff on various message boards for some time now. A couple of times I’ve thought about submitting articles to newspapers and magazines for publication. The compromise I’ve decided upon is this blog as a place where I can get my opinions off my chest.

That isn’t to say that this blog is only going to be about the “New Anti-Dogmatism”. Other things I plan to “get off my chest” are comments on the legal developments here in Australia and overseas, political issues both Australian and international (another one of my current fascinations is with the upcoming US presidential election) and reviews of books and articles I’ve read. I also have an interest in the sort of “life-hacky” stuff you can see over at places like 43 folders.

I’ve activated the comments function on the blog and I welcome comments and discussion. I’ll be especially grateful if people can point to other books or articles on issues I post on, including (perhaps especially) sources that put a different view to my own. If you think I’m wrong, tell me why. At worst my views will be sharpened by the process of rebutting you, at best, I may change my mind (it’s happened before).

And the title? Fans of the science-fiction and fantasy writer Roger Zelazny should be able to get the reference...